Prevention and Treatment of Sports Injuries

How to treat the injury and how to regain strength?

If you have a sports injury, the first thing to do is to prevent further damage and allow the injury to heal.

Here are some tips on how to treat / prevent sports injuries.


The best way to treat any sports injury is prevention. If you train wisely, know injury warning signs and take enough rest between workouts, you are far more likely to avoid injury in the first place.

Pay attention to pain

If you notice any pain during exercise, you should stop activity and try to identify the cause of the pain. Does pain occur when you start a workout, during the middle of a long run, twisting or turning, or does it show itself after the activity much later on? Does the pain stay in the one spot or move around , is it sharp or is it a dull ache.  Understanding your pain can often help you identify the cause and getting the correct treatment is vital for quick healing.

Stop activity – Rest and recovery

If you experience any of the injury warning signs, such as pain, aches or tenderness during exercise, stop, rest and re-evaluate the situation. Many athletes train despite pain, but muscle and joint pain or soreness are often a sign of over training. When muscles fatigue, they are far more likely to become injured.  Injured muscles, bones, tendons and ligaments can take a long time to heal and once they are injured, they are prone to re-injury. That is why it is vital to rest and get proper treatment.

Muscle Soreness

D.O.M.S. Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness is a common result of over doing exercise or activity without allowing for a gradual increase in basic fitness. This is not always avoidable and will act as a deterrent to some people to continuing to exercise. So treat your muscle soreness quickly, the quicker you treat it, the quicker you will be back.

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